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I AM...


…educated in Czech studies and translation and interpreting in French and Czech. Interpreting has taught me to listen and understand. Key competencies for a coach.


…lifelong literature lover. Reader, author of 3 books. Story lover. Coaching enables me to discover your story, become part of it and at the same time allow you to enter into my own story.


…manager by practice. 12 years in French companies Promod and Bluelink International CZ. Specialized in customer care, customer experience, internal education. Head of Customer Experience, MBA. Whether your aim is a functional team or a satisfied customer, you won’t get either without empathy. The same goes for coaching. 


…in body and soul, wife and mother of two children. Love, compassion, and a bit of healthy detachment, too. Essentials for life, family, work and coaching.


…here and now, a fan of mindfulness. Clear mind, attentiveness. I like to be focused on the present moment, in my life generally as well as while working with my clients.


…coach at heart. Trained and certified by Radvan Bahbouh (QED Group). I provide life and career coaching to my clients. Coaching can change what seems to be unchangeable. Come and see.

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