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If your clicks have brought you here, it's probably because you want something you don't have, or you have something you don't want. And you need to change it. This is why coaching is here, this is why I'm here.


Maybe this “something” is just a tiny something – or, on the contrary, it is a huge insurmountable Something. Don't worry. Whatever it is, I will listen carefully. We'll talk about what you want and why.


In fact, your motivation is crucial for your future success. You yourself must have the desire for a change. It’s not about what your boss said or what your husband thinks. It’s not about the should. What matters is that you wantDo you want it so much that you're prepared to do things differently from now on?


First we will determine what you want to achieve: your goal. And then you go after it. I'll be by your side step by step, we’ll be a team. I will listen to what you say, ask you questions, reflect on your words and actions, praise your progress. I will be your biggest fan and challenger in one. I will not let you off before you safely reach your goal.


Then you will maybe discover that it is great to achieve a goal, but that what really matters is the journey.


My aim is that you experience success during our cooperation and prove to yourself that you are able to turn your wishes into reality, so that next time, when you need anything else, you will be able to find your own way within yourself, this time without my help. 




We will meet about 8 times, every 2 or 3 weeks. The duration of one session is 90 minutes. The sessions will take place in your office or 
in my coaching space in Prague 6.




Your first session is free. Its purpose is for us to get to know each other, for you to ask any questions you may have about your coaching experience, and for both of us to map our way forward. It lasts around 40 minutes.


Price for private for one session (except the first one): 1500,- CZK per 50 minutes


Corporate rates will be based on the client’s specific requirements.

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