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Hello! What would you like? 

This is exactly what I am interested in the most: What would you like? 

Let me guess. It will be something like…


…not to be stressed. Not to let things get under my skin. To get along with people. To stop others from taking advantage of me. To be in the flow. To have good relationships. To find myself. To enjoy my job. To finally make the necessary change. To be respected. To feel that I am alive… And all this might be drowned in your head by the incessant buzzing

…Why am I still single? I broke down in tears in front of everyone again. I am fat as (fill in the blank). I hate to speak in public. I am not able to leave him. I am a weak boss. I’m not a good father. I can’t do it. Oh no, it’s Sunday evening again! I’m unable to say “No”. I don’t have time for that…


You are fed up with these irritating thoughts. You really want to make your plans reality… it just somehow doesn’t work. 


Don’t worry. If you are determined to make a change, it will be an honour for me to help guide you to your goal. Even big changes can be achieved with small steps.

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